Worth a visit close to our Hotel

Between the river Donau and the Bavarian Forest

Our Hotel is located in the village Donaustauf at the boarders oft he Bavarian Forest right next to the river Donau.

The village was founded about 500 years before christ. The remains of the medieval fortress which is a stroll away from our hotel was built in the early middle ages.

In the 19th century the village was owned by the family Thurn und Taxis.

If you take a walk through the village you come across the following sightseeing spots:

main sightseeing highlight oft he village.
Fortress ruins Donaustauf:
between 914 before christ and 930 a. christ this fortress was built to fend of hungarian emperors.
Wallfahrtskirche St. Salvator:
was built in the 15th century in gothic style. Was redesigned during the 18th century and the remodelled in 1843 to fit the style oft he Walhalla.
Chinesischer Turm:
built in 1842 through Prince Maximilian Karl von Thurn und Taxis on his castle grounds.