Our Spa Area

A place to relax and recharge
Our Saunas
Saunabereich Forsters

We offer a „Biosauna“ with a mild temperature between 45 and 60 degrees celcius. The humidity lies around 45 percent. Due to the lower temperature you can stay longer - up to 30 minutes even.

The Finnish Sauna has a temperature around 90 degrees celcius. The humidity is only about 10-30 percent. Therefore you should not stay longer than 8-15 minutes.

Our Oasis
Ruheraum Forsters
For the necessary breaks between your hot bathes in the sauna you can cuddle up in your warm blankets in the quiet zone or get a cool down in the garden, walking between bamboo bushes and taking a stroll over a part of the historical brick wall of the village.
Our Hammam
Dampfbad Wellnessbereich

A visit in our hammam is like the other hot bathes. Dressed in a towel you will sit in a closed room, heated up to 50 degrees celcius. Only that here humidity is up to 100 percent.

After a steam bath it is also recommended to relax or walk outside.

Fitness Room
Fitnessraum Forsters

„Mens sana in corpore sano!“

A health mind is located in a helathy body. Therefore we offer you as our guest a modern equipped gym. Use the opportunity to effectively exercise and train your muscles.

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